Monday, February 4, 2008

Hubbardston Library now an official Michigan Non-Profit!

Welcome to the Hubbardston Library online newsletter!

Shortly after the Village of Hubbardston purchased the old Elementary School from the Carson City-Crystal School District, a decision was made to turn it into a community center. A few volunteers wanted to create a local library. How do we do it?

We started with a couple of classrooms, some old furniture, and old books that the school left behind. Now, we have 4 classrooms of space, lots of brand new donated bookcases, over 9,000 books, 3 iMac computers, wireless internet, and over 500 VHS movies! Most of these items were donated by folks in the community, and even outside of the community.

We first tried to start a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation, but we were rejected. We needed to contact the State of Michigan Library to start a library. So, we hired a lawyer and met with the Village of Hubbardston, North Plains Township, and Lebannon Township. We also met with the Carson City Public Library and the Lyons Township District Library. The lawyer for the State of Michigan Library even came to visit, with further information on starting a library.

After all of that, we concluded that the time just isn't right for starting a real library. We needed to stop spending time and money on those things, to focus on building up the library itself. So, we formed a Michigan Non-Profit called the Hubbardston Book Nook. Although that is the official name, we still call ourselves the Hubbardston Library. And we still hope to become a real library someday.

Please stop by sometime and take a look around! - Duane

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