Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick Catch-Up

Hey! To all our small-town Library fans!
For those of you who didn't make it to the Haunted Library, I thought I'd let you know how it went. And for those of you who DID make it… I hope you're brave enough to come visit us for our next big events!

On Thursday night, we had quite the spooky time. Eating brains, drinking blood, and with all our friends (the mummy, the vampiress, the poor bride who was attacked by the vampiress on her wedding day, the skeleton, the frankenstien's monster, and the gypsy witch). We managed to stay inside our newly added "Blood Cafe" for the most part so as not to scare the poor librarians.

On Friday night, it was double the fun as we were joined by the Devil's mistress, a very scary zombie and an exceedingly creepy ghost. Our little cafe filled with smoke from all the socialization of monsters going on, and we snacked on fingers and eyeballs waiting for our next victim to dare to enter.

On Saturday night, it was a sad yet exciting thing. For it was, in fact, all Hallows Eve itself. And the monsters were ready. That night we were joined by the full moon prisoner himself, the werewolf. We had quite a time keeping him chained up and away from the little children (his favorite snack). But all went well yet again, and we all, sadly, had to part ways at the end of the night. Until next year when we so dearly hope to see YOU walk through the door between worlds and come to visit us.

Pictures of all our scary ghouls and goblins will be up soon, please come visit us at our now very normal and un-haunted library :). Keep on reading!
-Hubbardston Library Spokes-Person

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