Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to School/End of Summer PARTY!!!

Well, my faithful followers, it seems we have been relying on each other to post on our site this summer... As you can see, this probably wasn't a good idea! But we've come to an agreement to take turns at least once every two weeks to write to you lovely book lovers (right, Deb? ;) )!!! And as there are several events coming up, so this will be a very good thing.

To start, next Saturday, on August the 28th, at noon we are having a PARTY! That's right, you heard it, an all out, end-this-summer-with-a-SPLASH, back to school party! As you may be able to guess, it's going to be a blast, and I really hope to can come! We will be providing lunch (food served until 12:45pm), crafts for the kids, and plenty of fun outdoor games(if weather allows). Please be prepared to get wet. It should start to wind down around 2pm, so you can still make it to whatever fun plans you have for the rest of the day.

I do hope you make it a point to come and finish out this awesome summer with us, your small town Library, next Saturday the 28th. We look forward to seeing you!
With love and books and promises of more posts!
-The Hubbardston Library's Ghostly Librarian

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